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Prince of Sorrows

Prince of Sorrows by D.K. Marley

Published 2018

Genre: Historical Fiction

Setting: 9th C. Denmark

The king of Denmark is dead.

As Prince Amleth mourns his beloved father, anger and resentment grow towards his uncle, Feng, who has claimed the crown . . . and his mother’s, Gerutha’s, hand in marriage.

When the old king’s ghost materializes and warns his son of Feng’s murderous betrayal, vengeance becomes foremost in Amleth’s mind, even shading his love for the fair Pernillia. Chaos and madness ensue.

Prince of Sorrows is the Shakespearean tragedy of Hamlet.

Marley has beautifully reworked the play to add depth and detail to both the setting and the characters. She infused historical authenticity into the play with her descriptions of clothing and place and by changing some of the character names to traditional Danish ones.

Many people shy away from the works of Shakespeare because of the difficulty in reading them, but the author did an admirable job in transposing the poetic Shakespearean lines to language today’s audience can easily digest.

Even if you already know the tale of Hamlet, there is great tension in Prince of Sorrows. As the plot raced and the pages turned, I found my heartbeat rise with anticipation of what I knew would happen next, even wishing for a different outcome.

The only negative thing I have to say about this work is that there were a few POV issues that interrupted my flow of reading, but they were very minor.

I want to thank D.K. Marley for sending me an advanced reader copy of Prince of Sorrows  to review. I really enjoyed this novel and was drawn into the way she merged the old language and the new while retaining the cadence of Shakespeare.

If you love Shakespeare or have avoided his works because of the language, I highly recommend this book!

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Rating: 4/5


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