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The Clockmaker’s Daughter

Author: Kate Morton
Published: 2018, Atria Books
Genre: Historical Fiction
Setting: Split Timeline, Present Day England/19th C England

Elodie Winslow is an archivist with a tragic past.

During the course of her work, she finds a photograph of an enigmatic woman that sends her on a mission of discovery.

What she uncovers is the source of a family legend and the intertwining events that compose her heritage.

This is not a ghost story. But it is a story told by ghosts.

The spirit of a woman long dead and the untold stories of things left behind are the driving forces of this fantastic tale. Morton has sinuously woven the past and the present in this lush garden of prose.

If you like historical fiction with a hint of supernatural mystery, you need to read this!


Rating: 5/5


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