The Horse and the Hollow

She has no name.

She has been called many things in her five years of life.

The Black, for her color. Tim, for her timid nature. Star, for the white mark on her head. Spot, for the white spots dappling her hind quarters. And now, Lass.

No one has yet cared enough to give her an elegant name that befitted her beauty.

In the year of 1825 in Darien, Georgia, this beautiful horse and her new friends, a palomino pony named Sunny and Speck the mule, will find out what adventure really is when a mysterious dog presents himself to them in their unhappy stable. 

He claims to be their key to finding what each of them seeks.

But can they trust him?

When their only other option is to stay behind in a life of drudgery, do they have a choice?

Join them on their journey as they travel over land and time, and discover a world unknown.