The Horse and the Hallow

The black mare’s dreary world disappears the moment she meets the wolf who isn’t actually a wolf.

All the black mare wants is a true home and a true person to love her, yet she is stuck in a succession of dilapidated barns with owners who do only that—own her.

After she is sold to a new stable, she meets a palomino pony and a speckled mule who have a brighter outlook on life, but she resists their attempts at friendliness, assuming that they would only be temporary companions on her lonely road.

When a dog-like wolf slinks in to their stable, her life changes forever. The dog declares that his name is Pallas and he has come to free them. In that moment Pallas reveals himself to be more than a dog, more than a man even. He is a king, a god, and with magic of his own he releases them from the bondage of stall and stable.

In return for their freedom Pallas needs their help to defeat his brothers who wish to destroy all of animal kind. The black mare and her new friends must put their fears aside or their world will be destroyed.