The Heart of the Swan

Thomas Gardner wishes like hell his uncle had remained dead.

It’s 1825, and he’s just sold the trade goods store he inherited from the man. Now he’s more than ready to leave behind the heat and mosquitoes of  coastal Georgia.

But on his way out of town, Thomas is assaulted. A pair of gloves is forced into his hand and he’s shoved into the hollow of an old oak tree.

Rational explanation defies him when he wakes to find himself in the past.

Stranded and directionless in 1759, Thomas takes a position as Latin tutor in a small settlement where he learns that his student, eighteen-year-old Rebecca Ernst, has inadvertently played a role in his accident. The gloves are Rebecca’s own, stolen the week before.

Rebecca reveals that the gloves—a family heirloom she’s bound to protect—are imbued with occult magic. Their purpose: to act as divining rod for a centuries-old buried treasure.

When his uncle makes a startling reappearance in his life and orders him to take the gloves, Thomas must choose between loyalty to Rebecca—whom he has come to love— or helping his only kin in a quest to find the treasure before it falls into the wrong hands.