The Heart of the Swan

Amidst the monotony and rigor of life in colonial Georgia, eighteen-year-old Rebecca Ernst never imagined that the gold embellished gauntlets she inherited from her father would be the key to an ancient treasure lost for centuries.

Orphaned at a young age, Rebecca has finally found stability and happiness with her foster family and is training to be a midwife. But when she finds a letter from her long-dead father, all of that changes.

She grew up believing her father was a simple German settler, but the cryptic missive says otherwise. He confesses that he was a member of a powerful occult brotherhood and, for generations, her family has been charged with protecting magic-imbued gauntlets that act as a divining rod leading to an ancient treasure. Now that role falls to Rebecca, and she must safeguard the gloves against a sinister faction of the brotherhood.

When Thomas Gardner, Rebecca’s mysterious new friend, steals the gloves and flees into Indian Territory, her heart is broken. She must now choose to abandon all she has known to pursue him through the deadly wilds of Georgia—risking her life among native unrest, ravaging marauders, and an unknown element of the powerful brotherhood—or betray the edict contained in her father’s letter: Protect the gloves at all cost.