The Road So Far…

In my earliest days as I student I imagined a career in books. Not writing them, reading them. But since there were no jobs at that time for professional readers, I studied to be an archaeologist. I traveled around—Israel, Belgium, and exotic Iowa—digging and surveying and digging some more. But I decided it was going to be difficult to have a family and sustain that life, so I gave it up and became a mom.

Eight years later, when my kids were both in school full time, I started to write. And I haven’t stopped.

I live in Indiana with my husband, two kids, four cats, and a big fluffy dog. 

When I’m not spending time with my family, reading, writing, or cleaning up endless amounts of fur, I still love to travel—I just don’t bring my Marshalltown trowel.


Soli Deo Gloria