Shakespeare As Life

Homeschooling my two kids this year has had its fair share of ups and downs. One upside is giving them a broader introduction to Shakespeare. Right now we are reading an interpretation of Hamlet titled Hamlet for Kids by Lois Burdett.

We read several pages from this every day, recording the famous quotations, talking about the plot, and exploring the themes. My son told me he is enjoying it. I won’t repeat what my daughter said. At the very least, they will have some knowledge of one of the most influential writers in English Literature: William Shakespeare, The Bard, The Sweet Swan of Avon.INVR8209

2 thoughts on “Shakespeare As Life

  1. Jessica, You must be superlady! I am retired and I don’t have time to write, take care on one small puppy and live my life. You are doing all that and homeschooling? God bless you, my dear. Look forward to reading more of The Heart of the Swan. Pat

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