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A Man Called Ove


A Man Called Ove by Fredrik Backman. Published 2012. Genre: Upmarket. Setting: Though the book doesn’t give specifics, the reader assumes it takes place in contemporary Sweden.

“And you should never befriend something if there’s a possibility it may take a fancy to eating you in your sleep.”

Ove is a man who desires nothing more than order in a chaotic world . . . and to commit suicide in peace. Coming between him and his goals are his inept neighbors and constant disruptions.

Written in present tense, Backman’s style is unique which is reflected in the eclectic cast of characters that populate this work. I have to admit that I was put off at first by the initial tone of the book and curmudgeon Ove, but after the first few chapters I was completely charmed. Backman’s writing is tight, witty, and will shift your gestalt just slightly.

I have since read My Grandmother Asked Me to Tell You She’s Sorry and am currently reading Britt-Marie Was Here.

I highly recommend this book and others by Backman.


4/5 hearts

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