Guardians of the History

I am a member of the Historical and Time Slip Novels Book Club, and several recent posts concerned historical authenticity in novels. Do writers of historical fiction have a responsibility to their readers to represent accurately that period of history they are writing about? The answer is yes, but, like the other members of the group, I have seen writers… Read More Guardians of the History


Trash and Poetry

I recently cleaned out the cabinet into which I had sloughed the reams of paper that lined the years of my life.  It took me nearly a week to sort it all. One, because there was so much to go through, and two, because it was the most melancholy sort of time machine imaginable. I was sucked into… Read More Trash and Poetry


Shakespeare As Life

Homeschooling my two kids this year has had its fair share of ups and downs. One upside is giving them a broader introduction to Shakespeare. Right now we are reading an interpretation of Hamlet titled Hamlet for Kids by Lois Burdett. We read several pages from this every day, recording the famous quotations, talking about… Read More Shakespeare As Life